Competitions held at Caistor Equestrian Centre are split into the following five categories.

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Arena Show CrossCheck the Events Diary

These competitions are a challenging and fun mix of two disciplines, show jumping and cross-country, and have proved very popular. There are two rounds; the first is a course of traditional show jumping fences, uprights, cross poles, spreads, with/without fillers, etc., and the second a variety of cross country jumps - roll-tops, houses, logs, etc. These two rounds are run back-to-back with each other and your scores from both give you your final mark. The cross-country part of the course will be timed.

As with all of our events, we run a number of classes in order that all levels of horse/pony and rider have the opportunity to take part.

Long sleeves, medical armbands (can be purchased on the day for £8), skull caps with no fixed peak and body protectors to current safety standards MUST be worn.

DressageCheck the Events Diary

Whilst not every rider can attain the standards of Charlotte Dujardin, many riders enjoy the discipline of Dressage, and the style of feedback which is unique to this discipline. At Caistor Equestrian Centre we recognise this desire and therefore employ the highest calibre of British Dressage List Judges available; additionally we strive to keep continuity amongst our judges allowing riders to effectively mark their progress at each stage.

We host dressage both indoor and outdoor throughout the year and offer many different qualifiers. All levels and ages are catered for, from the Introductory test through to Elementary. Our measured arenas are always decorated to give a realistic experience of the Dressage environment and to provide a pleasurable experience.

Regular clinics with Jane Bartle-Wilson and Tracy Trotter provide ideal opportunities for provide ideal opportunities for the young horse to gain exposure, or for new horse/rider combinations to gain experience, or indeed for the experienced riders to further develop their skills. Exhibitions and demonstrations by leading riders are featuring in our timetable more and more – keep a watch on our calendar for the next event.

Hunter TrialsCheck the Events Diary

Caistor Equestrian Centre has a fantastic cross country course with jumps ranging from 30cm to 90cm. This is sited on the main campus which we use for our One Day Events and for our clinics which we run periodically throughout the year.

Our One Day Event course consists of around twenty jumps for each class and then a separate additional time section. These purpose built courses offer the opportunity to gain experience over cross country jumps that range from 30cm for the lower course up to 90cm for the higher course.

The whole course is run in an enclosed space and gives clients and competitors the chance to compete and build up their confidence at a Hunter Trial or a One Day Event in a safe environment. The entire course can be seen from a single view point which is an added benefit for the on-looking associates of the competitors. We purposely included all the usual challenges of banks, corners, ditches, drops, skinnies, water, etc., but all in a smaller version than a standard cross country course. It is a stepping stone to bigger things.

Additionally at our satellite yard, we have an international sized water complex which we use for dedicated in-house clinics or one-to-one lessons for clients on their own horses.

Caistor Equestrian Centre runs regular cross-country schooling sessions, suitable for all ages and experience: our horses are available for hire, or riders may, of course, bring their own. Dates for all cross-country clinics can be found in our diary.

Sections of our cross country course on our main complex are available for hire, however in order to avoid disappointment it is essential you check when ringing Reception to make your booking, just which fences will be available because this changes on a week to week basis. (The larger course at our satellite yard is no longer available for hire.)

One Day EventCheck the Events Diary

Eventing provides the ultimate competition for horse and rider and consists of three phases - Dressage, Show Jumping and Cross Country: throughout this extensive competition the tracks and tests are designed to engage the horses’ flexibility, fitness and obedience: an extremely physically demanding experience for both horse and rider.

Caistor Equestrian Centre caters for all levels and ages from Introductory and lead rein jumping, through to Elementary and open jumping.

Held on the main campus are our two Novice tracks which range from 30cm to 90cm. They provide an excellent introduction to banks, water and ditches in a safe contained environment and these novice tracks are used all year round for our One Day Events and indeed for specific training days. Alternatively this course is available for hire by the hour/horse for those wishing to practice on their own.

Show JumpingCheck the Events Diary

Caistor Equestrian Centre holds Show Jumping events both indoor and outdoor throughout the year and we are lucky to host many national qualifiers. All levels and ages are catered for from lead rein through to Affiliated.

No matter what your level, our facility provides a warm and friendly atmosphere, a good quality surface and the jumps themselves are decorated to copy those of International Show Jumping quality. Our BSJA course builder is in attendance at every show ensuring that high standards are consistently delivered.

Regular clinics with Joe Whitaker provide an ideal opportunity for the young horse to gain exposure, or for new horse/rider combinations to gain experience, or indeed for the experienced riders to further develop their skills. Keep watching our calendar for exhibitions and demonstrations by leading riders.

Combined TrainingCheck the Events Diary

This event is designed to encourage all level of rider, regardless of experience. The great selection of dressage tests and show jumping classes makes it suitable for all levels of competitors.

Just as the name suggests, this is a unique combination of two very different disciplines – dressage and show jumping. A key ingredient is the ability of both horse and rider to work together as a team, demonstrating the ability to harness two very different skill sets. The marks from the two disciplines are combined to give the final result.

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